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  • Mila


  • Mila at 7 weeks old

    Mila at 7 weeks old

  • Cruz and Zach

    Cruz and Zach

  • Mila retrieving a pheasant

    Mila retrieving a pheasant

  • Mila in the field

    Mila in the field

We are a small breeder that raises fantastic golden retrievers. Our field goldens EXCEL in the field, coming from champion bloodlines. We strive to create your DREAM COMPANION.  To us that is a golden retriever that you can have a blast hunting with and then cuddle with at home.  They make a fantastic addition to your family.  We have had many become therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and most importantly great companions at home! 
We health test all of our dogs and carefully pair up each breeding.  We are members of and follow the Golden Retriever Club of America ethics.  All of our pups come with a 2 year health guarantee, that reflects the high quality of our golden retrievers.